Scrumptious Classes

All classes focus on healthy cooking and using high quality and sustainably raised ingredients.

Fundamentals Workshops:
Learn the core fundamentals of cooking and how to create meals that are simple, affordable and healthier than take-out or eating in restaurants every day.  Build your skills and confidence with each meal you cook.
※ Knife Skills & Tools  ※ Stocks, Soups and Stews  ※ Protein and Sauces  ※ Cooking with Liquids  ※ Cooking with Dry Heat

Global Cuisines:

Start exploring the food and culture of different countries and continents in your own home. You’ll learn authentic dishes that may seem exotic but become approachable in our relaxed, family style dinner party format.
※ Italian  ※ Spanish  ※ Mediterranean  ※ French Country  ※ Indian  ※ Pan-Asian  ※ American Gourmet Comfort

Seasonal Dinner Parties:
One of the best ways to increase your joy while cooking is to create a menu from the freshest, seasonal local ingredients found in the farmers’ markets.  You’ll learn how to throw dinner parties that are appropriate for the season and celebrate food year-round.
※ Spring Bounty  ※ Summer Celebration  ※ Autumn Harvest  ※ Holiday Dinners

Specialty Classes:

Learn specific techniques or styles of cooking that increase your culinary confidence and repertoire of cooking.
※ Fish & Shellfish  ※ Cooking Vegetarian  ※ Spanish Tapas  ※ Small Plates and Cocktail Parties  ※ Meats & Burgers ※ Makisushi Making  ※ Kids’ Classes  ※ Fresh Pasta & Sauces

Techniques Courses:

Take a series of classes to perfect your knowledge, competence and techniques in a specific area.  Techniques Courses are usually 4-part classes that take you from beginner through advanced so that you’re fully confident by the time you’ve finished the full course.
※ Fundamentals Techniques
※ Fish & Shellfish Techniques
※ Global Cuisine Techniques
※ Market to Table Techniques
※ Mastering Proteins and Sauces Techniques



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